So, now you have read about my one year in Midorikai. I have debated about posting everything up until I leave Japan, but I cannot. It took me this long just to write about graduation because it has been such an emotional process, and everything since then has been equally dramatic and emotional and crazy. It is hard to be in this life and suddenly finish, and watch your classmates pick up where you left off with studies and friends and life, and realize that you are not a part of that anymore. I am still here for one more week, and I just need to go. As much as I love chado and as much as I love Kyoto, I just need to go.

I just got back from a lovely trip to Tokyo where I got to meet up with some old friends, hang out with Genzyme people, and take some side trips to Kamakura and Nikko. Nikko is fantastic. I must go there again. During this short time I missed tea terribly, and have just returned home to make a bowl of Koyama-en shincha using Naishi no ki Jinja water and Ben's Ido-gata bowl. It tasted so good.

For the last week I have some errands to take care of, packing to do, and I will spend my last few days in Japan in the care of my host family...sleeping a lot and being fed.

I think I need a quiet room to process everything that happened in the last year. Maybe for a month.